Warners and Artletts

So some news regarding both the Artlett and Warner branches of the family. I had a message via GR from someone who said that Emily Caroline Artlett was in her tree and that she was the daughter of James Artlett, a bricklayer, and Charlotte Quait and was born in 1814 in Broadwater. This contradicts her … Read more

mystery solved

The birth certificate for Henry Aldridge, son of Robert and Susan, arrived today and I now know that Susan’s maiden name was Griffith. So Susan Griffith of Withycombe, Somerset married Robert Aldridge at the end of the 1820s. I have no idea where, but shall start by trawling through the parish records for the churches … Read more


i put my family tree on Genes Reunited before I even began doing this in earnest, and have been in contact with several people who are related to me via various ancestors, mainly on Dad’s side of the family. One of them, Sylvia, who is related through the Nodings, has sent me a selection of … Read more

once again the waters are muddied

So, today the batch of certificate I ordered three weeks ago arrived and they contain one of those entries that makes me want to throw things! On Sarah Dempsey and Daniel Delaney’s marriage certificate, Sarah’s father is listed as a tailor. Now, on every other piece of documentation I have gatheed together he is down … Read more


I have added some more scans of certificates to the family pages. Bond: added Fanny Mary Bryant birth certificate and Frederick William Besch and Fanny Mary Bryant marriage certificate Bolton: added Amelia Elizabeth Varney birth certificate; Thomas Varney and Elizabeth Taylor marriage certificate; Edward Ambrose Epps and Mary Ann Hankin marriage certificate Delaney: added John … Read more