mary ann bolton’s case notes

Today I collected the scans made by the LMA of the two main pages of case notes for Mary Ann Bolton while she was in the Colney Hatch Insane Asylum. These include a photograph of her taken at the time of admittance and also give various pieces of information about her, including the fact that … Read more

watermen apprentice entries

The other week I managed to get down to the Guildhall to make copies of the apprentice records for the Haleys and Warners. The scans are here although the quality of the copies is not fantastic in some cases but hopefully they can be read them well enough. Charles Lloyd Warner Charles Warner [Charles Lloyd … Read more

trying to make it clearer

I have added four ancestor outline pages for eacxh branch of the family, Within these are links to the certificate and documents relating to each person. I know it is hard to visualise the relationships so, hopefully, this will make it a bit clearer as to how each individual relates to the others within the … Read more

our dickensian ancestors

Today was a productive day spent at the LMA. I was on the trail of the Bolton Great Great Grandparents having located the various documents relating to their deaths. The coroner’s inquest into the death of John Henry Bolton was held on 22nd December 1894 at St Giles and the papers are currently housed at … Read more


I have uploaded some more certificates, includng several death certificates for James Joseph Haley, Emily Jane [Moulding] Haley, James Mirrielees Joseph Haley, George Henry Bolton, John Besch and Fanny Mary [Bryant] Besch. I have also uploaded John Henry Bolton’s birth entry in the St Andrew’s Holborn parish register and the Besch Baptisms I wrote about … Read more

finding documentation of a link

So, in London during the 19th Century there were two families called Besch who were tailors. I have held a firm belief that the two older members, John Besch [who is Lilian bond’s Grandfather] and Frederick Besch, were brothers but have been unable to find their baptism records so far although, according to the census, both were born in Westminster.

Warners and Artletts

So some news regarding both the Artlett and Warner branches of the family. I had a message via GR from someone who said that Emily Caroline Artlett was in her tree and that she was the daughter of James Artlett, a bricklayer, and Charlotte Quait and was born in 1814 in Broadwater. This contradicts her … Read more

mystery solved

The birth certificate for Henry Aldridge, son of Robert and Susan, arrived today and I now know that Susan’s maiden name was Griffith. So Susan Griffith of Withycombe, Somerset married Robert Aldridge at the end of the 1820s. I have no idea where, but shall start by trawling through the parish records for the churches … Read more