once again the waters are muddied

So, today the batch of certificate I ordered three weeks ago arrived and they contain one of those entries that makes me want to throw things! On Sarah Dempsey and Daniel Delaney’s marriage certificate, Sarah’s father is listed as a tailor. Now, on every other piece of documentation I have gatheed together he is down … Read more


I have added some more scans of certificates to the family pages. Bond: added Fanny Mary Bryant birth certificate and Frederick William Besch and Fanny Mary Bryant marriage certificate Bolton: added Amelia Elizabeth Varney birth certificate; Thomas Varney and Elizabeth Taylor marriage certificate; Edward Ambrose Epps and Mary Ann Hankin marriage certificate Delaney: added John … Read more

where i’ve got to

I have uploaded all the scans of birth, death and marriage certificates and linked them via each family branch page. I have also written a few notes on each family page and shall be adding to them gradually. I am still waiting on a number of certificates which should fill in a couple of info … Read more


I have finally accumulated anough documentary evidence to be able to finally upload some of the findings of the last 9 months research. I have a large number of birth, marriage and death certificates that give a clear framework for my family tree. I have also spent a great deal of time at the London … Read more

the joy of birth and marriage certificates

Finally, after four weeks wait, the various certificates ordered came through. From these I discsovered that James and Charles Haley’s mother was called Charlotte Warner and her father Charles Warner, who worked on the river. So the boys followed their maternal grandfather’s profession rather than their father’s. I wonder how that felt for Joseph. Interesting. … Read more

guildhall library fun and games

Friday I went to the Guildhall LIbrary to search through the apprentice records for the Worshipful Company of Watermen and Lightermen to see if I could find James Haley. He was on the first microfiche I looked at, along with his brother Charles. The records are pretty clear. James was bound as apprentice to Joseph … Read more

sometimes things do not in fact become clear

So, the birth and marriage certificates arrived. James and Emily Haley’s marriage certificate gave up the information that his father was also called James and that James the elder was a lighterman. Fascinating! For those of you who don’t know, I give you the following link from Wikipedia. Due to the fact that Lightermen had … Read more

teasing out the facts

So, after cobbling various long-unremembered memories together, one false lead and a certain amount of detective work, Nanny B’s family turned up on the 1901 census living in Yardley Street in Finsbury, just across Farringdon Road from Exmouth Market. At this point there was George and his wife Frances and their son George living alongside … Read more