speaking too soon

So, after feeling as if I might manage to get on with some things, that went by the way over the last few months. It has been very difficult to get out of the mental block that has come upon me and now that I am feeling a bit more hopefully – after having my … Read more

let’s not jump to conclusions

It is easy, when researching your family history, to make assumptions that take the research down utterly incorrect turnings. I imagine that everyone has been guilty of this – in the rush of discovery it is easy to get carried away. It is also easy to be stymied by someone else’s assumptions when they are published on the internet as fact.

the plot thickens

I have been searching for a death certificate for Susan Bond [ne Aldridge] for a while as I know that she was alive for the census of 1891 and that her husband, George Jannion Bond Senior, remarried in January 1900, when he was apparently a widower. George died six months later and an inquest was … Read more

who knows where the time goes?

Sadly, I did not make it to the Surrey Archives so Thomas Varney’s inquest report remains unseen. I am now thinking that it may be better to have them look it out for me instead. The nominal charge they make is less than it would cost for me to go there myself. Hopefully, when I … Read more


i put my family tree on Genes Reunited before I even began doing this in earnest, and have been in contact with several people who are related to me via various ancestors, mainly on Dad’s side of the family. One of them, Sylvia, who is related through the Nodings, has sent me a selection of … Read more

once again the waters are muddied

So, today the batch of certificate I ordered three weeks ago arrived and they contain one of those entries that makes me want to throw things! On Sarah Dempsey and Daniel Delaney’s marriage certificate, Sarah’s father is listed as a tailor. Now, on every other piece of documentation I have gatheed together he is down … Read more