guildhall library fun and games

Friday I went to the Guildhall LIbrary to search through the apprentice records for the Worshipful Company of Watermen and Lightermen to see if I could find James Haley. He was on the first microfiche I looked at, along with his brother Charles. The records are pretty clear. James was bound as apprentice to Joseph … Read more

sometimes things do not in fact become clear

So, the birth and marriage certificates arrived. James and Emily Haley’s marriage certificate gave up the information that his father was also called James and that James the elder was a lighterman. Fascinating! For those of you who don’t know, I give you the following link from Wikipedia. Due to the fact that Lightermen had … Read more

teasing out the facts

So, after cobbling various long-unremembered memories together, one false lead and a certain amount of detective work, Nanny B’s family turned up on the 1901 census living in Yardley Street in Finsbury, just across Farringdon Road from Exmouth Market. At this point there was George and his wife Frances and their son George living alongside … Read more

aunts are useful

After a visit to the parents last week, I now have both Nanny B and Grandad B’s birth certificates courtesy of Auntie Barbara. His is full and I have sent off for the full of hers. Hopefully now I will finally get the names of both of Nan’s parents. Her father was called George — … Read more

in the beginning

The first steps towards compiling the family history are well in hand. Much of the research so far has been done online but I am aware that this will have to move to a hands-on approach soon. It’s all very exciting. I am especially looking forward to finding out more about mum’s side of the … Read more